Perhaps you have questions.

What is coaching to me?

I was introduced to coaching in 2002 as a coachee.

16 years later coaching is still a vital tool for me to stay connected to my purpose.  It is so easy to get lost in the bustle of life and taking time out to connect with my coach allows me to really focus on what is important to me.

Always passionate about learning coaching has provided a pathway into new realms of learning that I did not know were available in traditional teaching methods.

Being a coach and coachee has taught me that the best lessons in life are experienced.  The learning then lives in your bones.  A coaching session with me will involve great conversations and "Aha" moments that will lead to a changed approach to your challenges.

Who am I as a coach?

Coaching lives in my bones. 

Leading large teams has given me a very diverse background of experiences and a deep understanding of human nature. 

My coaching is focused at the individual level on discovering what makes you passionate. Through conversation we explore the connection to your goals and make definitive plans to achieve them.

The root of every conversation is anchored in respect and confidentiality. After all; this is your journey that you have asked me to support.

Who are my clients?

My clients are committed to personal growth and achieving their goals.

Whether you are in an organization that is focused on your people and performance or an individual that wants to truly embrace the journey of life we can create a customized conversation with you in mind.

Clients that come to me for coaching are not necessarily stuck or unmotivated in their current situation, however, on occasion that has been the case. The work we do isn’t focused in the past, but on what it will take to move your experiences to the next level in the future. If you are unclear on what that next level looks like that is exactly where we will start.

Where do you start?

Your first step is to contact me and from there we will schedule a conversation.  That is it, simple.  So what are you waiting for.

“Believing in negative thoughts is the single ​greatest obstruction to success."

Charles F. Glassman

Office - 1 (604) 370-4688

Cell - 1 (778) 957-4688