Personal One on One Coaching

One on one coaching that creates a life changing experience.  Our goal together is to support you to further step into your greatness.

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Equine Facilitated Professional Coaching

Join me and my four-legged partners for Equine Guided Coaching and Learning.

One on one, group sessions and custom retreats are available.  Feel the transformational power of working with horses.

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Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Leadership is an evolution and a learned skill.

The best most skilled athletes have coaches to refine their art, leadership is no different!

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Remembering to pause is a practice.

I have designed a few items that represent the pause and can be integrated into life to serve as that gentle reminder that there is a choice.

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What people are saying about the Journal Cards

I have been loving the journal cards! Asking myself a question has really shifted the way I journal. I find myself taking a deeper look into what is really going on for me, instead of just​ recapping my day's experiences - thank you.

Christa H.

What people are saying about the Performance Development E-book

This 15-minute read with five tips can help any manager/supervisor even if it is simply a reminder. The five tips are clearly explained and easy to implement.

Blessed Reader - Amazon Review

Great focus on how to be a true leader, not just a "boss". Too many people get promoted because of experience/time on the job, and although they get their degree and have expertise in their position, being a great leader is often not a part of it. I love this approach in building trust, supporting your people and thereby also contributing to the success of your organization/company. I wish there were more leaders out there like this! I think a lot of these principles can apply to parenting and life in general.

WC - Amazon Review

"Sometimes that magical thing we are searching for can be found in the pauses"

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