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Personal Coaching

You've grown up and have everything you want and dreamed of and you still feel empty.  You make decisions to do something you really want to achieve and fall short by getting distracted by the day to day grind.  Perhaps you are just feeling like you are going through the motions of life with a destination in mind, but you do not feel connected to the destination.  There is just a void, no passion in life.

This is where coaching works its magic.  Coaching is not therapy.  Coaching is the process of connection to self.  Coaching helps you navigate through all the intellectual noise and connect with what truly matters to YOU!  After all it really does start with you.

Working with me as your coach you commit to a relationship with yourself.  My role is to serve your higher purpose not to question it.  We co-create plans and strategies to help you embrace the feeling of life.  That feeling of empowerment where you know you have a choice on what it is you want to achieve and learn to communicate that to yourself and others.  You become clear on what you are passionate about.

Life really is too short to walk through with a feeling of emptiness and disconnection.  Coaching can support you.

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Leadership Coaching

Leaders make it happen.  The ability to lead and influence from a place of authenticity is key to achieving an organizational rhythm of achieving goals.  My leadership coaching is geared towards local government and private sector leaders who work in unionized environments.

My 28 years of leadership experience provides that foundations for my leadership coaching style.  There are many buzzwords being kicked around in the leadership world today including authentic, vulnerable, empathetic and influential.  They are all very important qualities of a leader there is no doubt, but what does that mean to you.

As your coach we will explore your leadership style by talking openly about what is working for you, what isn't, where do you see you would like to improve or perhaps where you have been told you need to improve.

Being accountable for your own growth as a leader and using my coaching ability to support you will yield profound changes in your ability to influence.

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