Coaching with Horses

There is so much transformational learning inaccessible when working with the horses. When the moment of transformation occurs it is difficult to describe, but experiential in nature.

Whether you are a leader that wants to grow the span of your influence or in a period of transition in life an Equine Guided Coaching session may help support the growth and learning you must access to move to the next level.

Connect with me to learn more about customizable learning.

One on One Coaching

Working at an individual level with the partnership of the horse can support:

Emotional regulation


Unlocking potential

Increase self-awareness

To truly understand the impacts that one on one coaching with the herd can have conta​ct me to schedule a 20-minute exploration conversation.

"Burn out" Prevention

These special sessions are catered to those workgroups and teams that just need to unwind and take a 'Small Pause' with the horses.

Sitting in a circle in nature with the horses can have a profound effect on the nervous system, supporting it back to neutral.

Many choose to schedule these sessions monthly as 'lunch and decompress' sessions.

Group Coaching and Facilitated Learning

Learning with horses is significantly more powerful than classroom learning.

Working with the learning team and the herd is a transformative program that can:

Improve communication

Learn to navigate change

Transform workplace culture

to name a few.  

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What clients are saying

I just want to say that I still can feel the presence of the horses. They still pop into my consciousness when I need them the most.

Naomi G.

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