Team Building

Whether your organization has a large or small team, bringing that team together is crucial to success in accomplishing goals. One of the best ways to build teams is to engage in conversation.

As a Senior Leader for many years I worked hard to create teams that were able to be open and honest with one another. As I inherited teams from other leaders I noticed that was not always a high priority for them and had to engage in some work to build trust, allow vulnerability and honesty to occur.

In my leadership days I frequently used leadership consultants to facilitate conversations that bridged that gap between my team and helped me forge out new strategies to continue working on team dynamics.

Today I am one of those consultants who has experienced taking teams from good to great. That journey requires commitment and starts with the choice to make it happen.

Team building is more than going on retreats together, or doing an escape room. It is becoming authentic in conversation about what is working and what is not. From that place the sky is the limit for that teams success.

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss how we can develop a strategy to support your team.

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