Team Facilitation

Leadership is a dynamic part of any organization.

Providing a platform of success for you or your up and coming leaders is crucial to sustained success. As a successful leader for many years I can help support your needs.

Every individual has different strengths that they bring to their leadership role. Our goal together is to bring awareness to the strengths and identify desired areas for growth. The ways of doing this are vast and customizable to the needs of your leader and your organisation.

Some of the ways we can do this are:

One on One Coaching - Coaching with the individual is a powerful way to develop strategies of growth. By first identifying with the individual the pain points that exist we can talk about what the desired results are and develop actionable plans to achieve success. At times in the initial phases of coaching we connect with a Manager or Supervisor in a 3-way conversation to provide some direction on where the coachee would best focus.

Group Coaching - Either done with intact work groups or divisional leaders from across the organisation, Group Coaching can help bridge communication gaps and foster cross team understanding of what they go through. My experience has shown me that Group Coaching can be an integral way of bonding work groups to work better together. Bring the "Elephant in the Room" to the forefront can repair damaged relationships and lead to efficiencies once thought impossible.

Session Based Learning - Typically done when a specific gap is noticed in a workplace or work group, The range of topics is vast and very much depends on needs. Customizable learning plans are co-created with the needs of the team in mind.

There are also various premade courses that may be able to server your team. Check out those offerings here.

By bringing relevant topics to your work force you can cultivate an environment of learning and support, which ultimately creates a foundation for success.

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