Workshops and Training

Training is an important part of any organizations succession planning and structure.  I am pleased to offer any of the predeveloped training courses below.  Customization of the training is available on any of the topics below to suit your specific requirements.

Personal Coaching Styles Inventory® - Team and Individual Development 

Description:  Starting with a simple assessment done electronically or in hard copy participants have an opportunity to explore their personal coaching style as well as learn about others on their team.

The inventory provides an excellent foundation to learn about their personal style.  The inventory can be a wonderful conversation starter to help build team communication or also can be used by individuals as a foundation for coaching.

I highly recommend this for any organization or individual who want to explore leadership development and team building.

Effective Coaching as a Leader

Description: What does it mean to coach from a managers position? Coaching is a crucial skill as employees in today's world are craving feedback and connection. The question "How am I doing?" rings constantly for most. A leader, by his actions, can ease that uncertainty for staff which frees them up more to focus on their work.

In this workshop we will explore the benefits of being an effective coach, what effective coaching looks like from a leadership lens and take away some tangible skills that help coaches become part of the day to day conversations in your organization or work team.

Making Effective Requests to Increase Performance

Description:  Making requests is an important part of any organizational role. Making a request is an undervalued skill that many leaders and staff forget how to do. Requests are what make organizations function and the inability to make requests can be the difference between good and great.

In this short facilitated workshop participants will learn why effective requests are so important, the impacts of not making effective requests and the structure of an effective request whether in writing or verbal.

Difficult Conversations

Description:  A foundational skill for leaders is being able to have a difficult conversation that move leadership to the next level. Leadership is about setting the standards for behaviour and performance using courageous conversations. At times it is the things that go unsaid that cause the most damage.

In this workshop we will explore the considerations to make when having difficult conversations, how to have them and what to do when they go south. Through experiential learning we will also practice the skills we are learning using creative practices.

Performance Development for Unionized Leaders

Description:  Performance development has often been thought of as the Managers role, specifically referring to heavily unionized environments. At times there are stories that are decades old that performance development by unionized members on unionized members is not acceptable. This workshop dispels the misunderstanding of performance development as being disciplinarian in nature and begins to bring about a new understanding rooted in support and common goals.

This is an important skill for upcoming and existing unionized leaders who want to influence their teams to peak performance.

In this workshop we will explore exactly what performance development it, how to have a conversation based in fact and why that is important, wrapping up with some practices to take away and implement immediately into their tool kit whether in a supervisory role or not.

Foundation Principles of Leadership

Description:  There are many interpretations of what effective leadership is and should be. In this workshop we explore the Kouzes and Posner model presented in the Leadership Challenge artfully described as the 5 behaviours of exemplary leadership.

Designed for new or current supervisors and managers this workshop goes into what behaviours and qualities exemplary leadership has. We will also develop a growth plan using the 5 behaviours as an anchor. This plan can be shared with current supervisors or managers who can support the growth the individual learner wants to have.

Other Workshops Available

Other Titles Of Workshops Available

  • Succession Planning
  • Influencing Personal Growth as a Culture
  • Leadership Presence
  • Introduction to Supervision in an Unionized Environment
  • Trust: What is it? and How do we create it?
  • Combating Negativity in the Workplace

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